Bertha Mae Vaughn

October 27, 1946 - October 14, 2008

“When you’re going through; read about the Master…”  Mother Bertha Mae Vaughn"

Mother Bertha Mae Vaughn was a Friend of the Lord Jesus.  At the young age of nine-years old, following her baptism, Bertha Mae was bestowed a face-to-face visitation with the King of Kings.  As she gazed and beheld His glory: The Lord Jesus, Dressed in a glistening Robe appeared in His glorified Body standing in the midst with His Arms stretched out beckoning His Daughter to come with Him.  The child, Bertha Mae answered her Master, “I am not ready yet.”

Throughout her lifetime, Bertha Mae would experience divine interventions and a company of angels that would accompany her wherever she went.  She was highly favored by the Father God.

Mother Vaughn was a strikingly beautiful woman known for her soft-spoken voice, Indian features and red curly long hair.  The great Mother of Zion was small in stature, gentle, powerful, holy, and an anointed singer with a strong prophetic dream and healing mantle.  She was a faithful and devoted member of Solid Rock Pentecostal Fellowship Church where she was the Mother, Devotional Leader and Recording Secretary.  She is fondly remembered by her church family for her wisdom, great compassion, faithfulness and joy.

Thy Lord’s Friend served Her Master faithfully.  Much like Prophetess Anna, she spent night and day loving and serving the Lord God in prayer, worship and reading the Holy Scriptures for which she was bestowed grace to teach with profound revelation, wisdom and insight.

In the early morning of October 14, 2008, after an lengthy illness, Mother Bertha Vaughn exhorted what would become her final impartation, sang one of her favorite hymns, Oh Lord Remember Me and drifted off to sleep.  As His Beloved Daughter slept, the Lord Jesus took her Home to where she is now seated with the widows, with Him and the Lord God Almighty.

Mother Vaughn left an edible mark in the Brooklyn community in which she lived.  On the evening of her public viewing, lines could be seen extending blocks away from her church.  Her love and devotion to her children, grandchildren, youth and the elderly is fondly remembered and cherished today.  On September 28, 2020, Dr. Bertha Mae Vaughn was awarded a post-humorous Doctorate in Education from ABG Alliance and Seminary in Brooklyn, New York.

I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith.

2 Timothy 4:7