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Bertha Mae Vaughn

October 27, 1946 - October 14, 2008

“When you’re going through read about the Master…” Mother Bertha Mae Vaughn

Mother Bertha Mae Vaughn was a Friend of the Lord Jesus.  At the young age of nine-years old, following her baptism, Bertha Mae was bestowed a face-to-face visitation with the King of Kings.  As she gazed and beheld His glory: The Lord Jesus, Dressed in a glistening Robe appeared in His glorified Body standing in the midst with His Arms stretched out beckoning His Daughter to come with Him.  The child, Bertha Mae answered her Master, “I am not ready yet.”

The Bertha Mae Vaughn Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Bertha Mae Vaughn Memorial Scholarship Fund was founded by our Lord Jesus Christ. Thy Lord’s desire is that the memory of His Precious Daughter and Friend is esteemed, honored and remembered forever in the Earth.
Our beloved, Mother Bertha Mae Vaughn graduated from Erasmus Hall High School in Brooklyn, New York in 1965. Mother Vaughn was a gifted graphic artist, educator, anointed singer and prophetic dreamer whom the Lord God bestowed grace to teach His Holy Scriptures with profound revelation, wisdom and insight. Thy great Mother of Zion deeply loved Her Master and lived a holy life unto thy Lord God. Much like Prophetess Anna: she faithfully served her Father night and day with prayers, worship and reading of the Word.

Eligibility Requirements

We are most pleased to bestow a gift to a woman whom has been called into service by the Lord God. The heart of the Daughter of thy Lord must be a pure, compassionate, lowly and humble heart fit for the Master’s use.

Every year, our Lord Jesus will choose one of His Daughters to receive The Bertha Mae Vaughn Memorial Scholarship Fund in the amount of $5,000 in honor of His Friend.

May thy Lord God be glorified in this work. We bless thy Holy Name, Jesus!

*Downloadable Application will be available for download on June 30, 2021.

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